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1. Set 'username' by using nicknames ONLY. 

IMPORTANT: NEVER put your real name as your username. 

*Usernames will be published so we ask you to please never use your real name for usernames for identity protection.

2. Reporting should be basically in English (local languages are also accepted)

*However, foreigners will also be using this app, so we highly encourage reports to be written in English.

3. Your reports are expected to be published globally. 

*It's a Beta version that needs additional functions in the future, however, please be reminded that the team is using the real database for this. So whatever you input will remain when we publish the final version.

4. It doesn't have the "Report Edit" function yet, so please describe your reports as detailed as possible when you post.

5. Please follow regional laws, public rules and morals, not slander or defame specific individuals, companies, or organizations.

6. Reports should be based on users' experience and knowledge. Please be careful not to infringe others' copyrights.

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